It Is Rude To Post On Facebook As Your Business


Listen up all you business owners…

Unless you personally know the person’s page you are posting on – it is rude to do it as your business. Don’t be a shameless promoter by posting from your business account onto other people’s facebook pages. Use your personal account. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t post. Especially when you are in the same industry. It is tacky and not good business principals. I see it all the time.

What do you think?

9 thoughts on “It Is Rude To Post On Facebook As Your Business

  1. Kelley Reply

    I don’t post on people’s private pages….however I will post comments on other business’s posts using my business account. Like local news stations, veterinarian businesses, groomers, rescue groups etc….but I don’t normally post a new post on their pages unless it is something important…like scams going around. I don’t post on people’s pages that I do know either unless it is pet related.

    • Danielle Post authorReply

      Jenna, I just think it is tacky when someone is using their business and posting on another businesses page in the same industry.
      Kelley, I get it if it is important things – but unless you know the business owner personally….i think it is tacky when businesses post their own self serving message. It shows that they are desperate and don’t have enough going on their own page.

      In general, if anyone posts from their business on my business pages and i don’t know them, I delete them. There is no reason why they need to mark their territory in the community that I have spent so long and hard to build. Although, if I know them and invite them…that is a different story.

      Make sense? :)

  2. Jenna Reply

    I had no idea! I used to do it…mostly because I would forget who I was logged in as. Won’t do it anymore…Thanks for the finger shaking :)

  3. Jenna Reply

    So, what about mentions from a business page to another? That’s ok…isn’t it?

    • Danielle Post authorReply

      I think that is fine. Especially if Business A is shouting out a Thank you to Business B! Although if it is just a random message and the business just starts tagging other businesses so it shows up on their wall, I think that is wrong.

  4. Hunter Reply

    Agreed. Yesterday, someone posted a birthday greeting on my Facebook account using her business name. In that greeting she posted a huge (30-35 lines of text) post advertising her business to my clients…on my birthday! :)

    Not only that, but the post was so poorly written that I was embarrassed for her. Yes, grammar makes a huge difference, even on the Internet.

    This is the same person who has been contacting me on Facebook’s “Branch Out” to ask if I would “recommend” her company. I don’t know this person other than by business name, so I have no idea why she would ask for us to write a recommendation for her services.

    I have no positive interactions with this person other than the post she made and her requests, so I felt I needed to mark the message as spam, which then broke our link as “friends”. She sent another friend invitation and I accepted, but then she posted the exact same spam again.

    If I’m going to post something as a business, I ask permission first. Even then, it’s tasteful and works in tandem with something the other company is doing. The overwhelming majority of the time, I post as an individual, linking my business information only if it’s appropriate. It’s in poor taste to post one someone’s page (even a business) if you have no relationship whatsoever.

    • Danielle Post authorReply


      How awful! I don’t understand how people can think that helps their company? OR attract the right types of clients?

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. Perhaps I should write a follow up blog about FB business page etiquette. What do you think?


  5. Jenn Reply

    I always post under my personal account. I have a business page, but hardly ever post as my business. I guess I’m not sure how & when it would be appropriate to post under my business name. Oh, and I just signed up for Facebook last November. I never thought it would be beneficial until Danielle coached me. I’m still learning my way around Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in.

    • Danielle Post authorReply


      Awww! So glad I was able to help you!
      Your comment about not sure when it is appropriate has convinced me that people do need to know when it is right and wrong and I will wrote a blog on that. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

      Let me know if you have any other questions. I am here to help!

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